March-April 2005

72 pages (8 in color)


This issue of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts is introducing readers to eight (8) anime titles! First, it features spotlights on Five Star Stories and Naruto. It is also offering several reviews of books (4), live-action movies (11), manga (18), anime-related products (6 CD sountracks, plus an overview of FSS models) and anime (40). It covers several festivals (more on the movies seen at Fantasia) and conventions (OhayoCon & UshiCon), offers an interview with Kumi Koda and a Music Database file (part 28) on K-pop singer BoA. Also, more anime are presented in the "Anime Stories" section: Gankutsuo (The Comte Of Monte Cristo), Ghost In The Shell Movie 2: Innocence, Grenadier, Howl's Moving Castle, Rozen Maiden, and Yakitate!! Japan!! Finally, this issue highlights the latest anime & manga news! [Shipped between March 21 and 23]

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