August-September 2005

80 pages (16 in color)


This issue of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts introduces eleven new anime series: three "Spotlights" on The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Fantastic Children and Tsubasa Chronicle as well as eight "Anime Stories" on Air, Beck, Gakuen Alice, Ghost Talker's Daydream, Gunbuster 2, Meine Liebe, The Portrait Of Petite Cossette and Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase!! It also offers several thematic articles on 41 J-Pop Artists You Need To Know, BoogiePop Before Phantom, Cars & Anime, CLAMP, Crashing Japan (Satsuki & Mei's House, Suginami Anime Museum), Harems In Anime, as well as the usual convention reports (Sakura Con, Anime Boston, Anime Central), Anecdotes (Daisuke Moriyama, Yoko Ishida), reviews of anime & manga-related products (45 DVDs, 8 CDs, 15 manga, 3 books, 1 toy, 4 live-action movies) and the latest anime & manga news directly from Anime News Network newsdesk! With 80 pages, it's the best and biggest issue of the magazine! [Ships around August 22nd]

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