December 2005 - January 2006

76 pages (12 in color)


This issue of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts talks about eight anime series: three "Spotlights" on Eureka Seven ("Lucky Seven: The Minds Behind Japan's Biggest New Hit"), Hare+Guu ("Guud Eating: A Glimpse At Hare+Guu... Through Guu's lunch?!") and Aquarion as well as four "Anime Stories" on Honey & Clover, Loveless, Speed Grapher and Trinity Blood !! It also offers several thematic articles on Anime Novels, The Otaku Generation, The Big Shoujo Boom, live-action movies adapted from manga (Dragon Head, Otakus In Love, Tetsujin 28), as well as an interview with the dub cast & staff of Kaleido Star, the usual J-pop database, convention & festival reports (Anime Expo, Montreal World Film Festival, Fantasia), reviews of anime & manga-related products (44 DVDs, 8 CDs, 13 manga, 4 books, 1 video game, 8 live-action movies) and the latest anime & manga news directly from Anime News Network newsdesk! With 76 pages (12 in color!), it's your best guide to anime culture! [Shipped January 16th & 17th]

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