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Extra #1 (Best Of PA)

October 1996

60 pages, $4.95



8....Porco Rosso
This article offers a character guide, technology files (planes & weapons -- updated) and the synopsis for this magnificent Miyazaki's movie (From PA #26).

20....Street Fighter II
This article offers the characters' guide, synopsis of the animated movie and several reviews (Japanese release, dubbed domestic release, soundtracks). Includes also an updated bibliography. (From PA #34).

32....My Neighbor Totoro
This short article offers a character guide and a review of this other great Miyazaki's movie. Includes also a review of the soundtrack and of Tokuma's Magical Adventure book series (from PA #31 & 24).


35....Hidden Treasures in Japanese Food Stores
If you have a Japanese foodstore in your city you can probably rent videos there and also find lots of interesting goodies. Includes also information on the Japanese Telephone Dorectory & Guide.

36....How to Access New Sources of Anime and Music
Anime video to rent, CD soundtrack, etc, can also be found in your local Chinatown (from PA #26).

40....Introducing Anime to Critics
What to say to Japanese animation detractors and how to present anime to neophytes (from PA #31).

42....Japanese Language Seminar: Katakana
The first lesson of the Japanese Language Seminar. Now back at the general demand! (From PA#30).

48....Anecdotes from Ms Megumi Hayashibara
Miyako Graham speaks with the voice actress behind Ranma, Ai (Video Girl Ai), and Lina Inverse (Slayers)!

49....Anecdotes from Mr. Yasuhiro Imagawa
Miyako Graham speaks with the creator of GIANT ROBO.

50....Anecdotes on the making of "The New Cutey Honey" from Mr. Go Nagai
Miyako Graham speaks with Go Nagai about his New Cutey Honey series.

51....Anecdotes from Mr. Allen Hastings
Miyako Graham speaks with the creator of LightWave 3D, a computer software used to create special effects in TV series like BABYLON 5 and HYPERNAUTS.


18....Dirty Pair Flash (Updated -- from PA#30)

19....I Can Hear The Sea (from PA#29)

30....Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Updated -- from PA#25)

31....Key: The Metal Idol (Updated -- from PA#33)

54....Macross 7 (Updated -- from PA#33)

55....Weathering Continent (from PA#26)




5.....Echoes from the Net and Other News
6.....Anime & Manga News


4.....Presentation: Why Do "The Best"

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